Only a third of Spaniards correctly recycle masks


Although we are increasingly aware of the protection of the environment, the management of medical waste has always been a pending issue. This is reflected in a study where it is concluded that only a third of Spaniards recycle correctly masks against Covid-19.

Many people have pointed out with concern how these objects, which must be used to reduce the spread of the virus, accumulate in public roads and natural environments once they have been used.

The IMOP-BERBÉS study reflects, in addition to the high degree of concern that was already perceived in other studies, that the Spaniards consider that it is an obligation of the society itself rather than of the public powers to take charge of this problem.

For this, a 91.2% of Spaniards consider that we should all do more than our share to achieve a better management of this waste and that it does not end up in nature; compared to only 8.3% who consider that it is the responsibility of the authorities to have more means to prevent this waste from accumulating on the ground.

In which container do we recycle the masks?

Despite this awareness, 18% of those surveyed do not know in which container this waste should be recycled. Those who do state positively that they know which container the masks should go to are distributed mostly between those who indicate the rest container, the one that is normally gray or orange (32.2%), and the organic container, which is usually brown (27 , 7%).

And a 10.8% say they throw the masks into the blue paper and cardboard container and another 10.3% that throws them into the yellow container of containers.

This is why it is striking, according to the study, that only a third of Spaniards correctly recycle masks.

What is clear is that the Spanish are concerned about the environment and fear that there are animals that suffocate as a result of the masks.

The study was carried out from May 24 to 29, with a total of 711 interviews.

From the Madrid’s community they have made various campaigns to raise awareness about it. This behavior is a simple, free and more effective measure to cut the chain of transmission of the virus and, at the same time, protect the health of the operators of the cleaning services of the streets and the workers of the waste treatment plants. And, of course, to avoid damaging the environment.

When should each type of mask be thrown away?

The hygienic, surgical and PPE are discarded after a single use, the only ones that can be recycled and reused are the cloth ones, after washing them. Now, they have x number of washes, and after that, they must also be discarded.

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