New Study Cuts Pfizer Vaccine Efficacy Against Delta From 94% To 64%


The Delta variant of the coronavirus advances and is responsible for a large part of the cases in Europe and Spain. Now a new study from Israel lowers the effectiveness of Pfizer’s vaccine versus Delta from 94% to 64%, but it is equally effective in preventing serious diseases.

Initially, and although it was a preliminary study, the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine on the Delta variant was 94% and later it was established at 80%. Now this study reveals that it is about 64%, but the good thing about the report is that this vaccine is 93% effective in preventing hospitalizations and serious illnesses from the coronavirus.

Still, Pfizer has noted that this data is preliminary and has not yet been fully evaluated. What is clear is that the Delta variant is more contagious, but at the same time, and currently for those vaccinated, it does not lead to as many serious diseases or death.

Rise of infections in Israel

Despite the fact that Israel is one of the countries where the vaccination process has been accelerated the most, now they are immersed in a new wave because cases continue to increase. And while the mask had been removed outdoors and for indoor meetings and public transport, now it is mandatory again.

Experts believe that this is all due to the Delta variant and they do not rule out the implementation of other restrictions, in the same way that it is happening in some Autonomous Communities in Spain.

For this reason, and as Spain is prioritizing, in Israel the current goal is now to vaccinate adolescents and at the moment there are more than 100,000 who have received the first dose.

Currently, Israel has more than 5.1 million vaccinated residents, taking into account that there are more than 9 million.

In any case, and, although it is being done correctly, countries must further accelerate vaccination to cope with this new variant that stomps. And this is what the experts are asking for.

Well, since the effectiveness of Pfizer’s vaccine against the Delta is reduced from 94% to 64%, we cannot relax measures and, although it is summer, it is vital to continue with the masks indoors, maintain social distance, and for now, although you can be outside without a mask, you have to continue with this distance that we all know so that there are no more cases.

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