Medea syndrome, ending the children for revenge on their partner


The case of Tomás Gimeno, who allegedly murdered his two daughters, Anna and Olivia, and later committed suicide in Tenerife, may be encompassed within the known Medea syndrome, which is defined as a pathological situation where mothers or fathers, due to various conflicts and bad relationships with their partner, can harm and even kill their parents. Let’s see what it consists of and what is its origin.

The person who has this syndrome discharges his frustrations with aggressiveness and abuse of his children because for them they are another instrument of power and revenge towards their partner.

What is the origin of Medea syndrome?

This name has its origin in the Greek tragedy of Euripides, where the story of the priestess Medea, wife and mother who cshe attacked her husband’s infidelities with the death of their children in order for women to dominate men in the world and claim vengeance.

The syndrome today

We have several cases of this syndrome because it is currently applied to gender violence and its definition has varied over the years.

Many people wonder what can lead a father or a mother to kill their children, something incomprehensible to humans. This syndrome implies hatred, revenge or the frustration of not being loved by your partner and the emergence of a desire to do as much harm as possible.

At this moment, the children cease to be loved by the parent who asks for revenge and are seen as one more weapon to create the deepest damage, end the lives of their children. With that It is intended that the person who is loved badly never rests of his sadness.

Experts analyze this syndrome and highlight that such factors can be aggravated, today, if the member of the couple who wants revenge has an addiction because it enhances these thoughts more. The end is evil and there are people who want to harm just because of evil.

Since we have evidence of Medea syndrome, many cases related to it have occurred in the world and in many of them the gender violence. Sometimes there have already been antecedents, such as fights and fights and the children have been abused while, in other cases, nothing has happened until it is decided to end their lives.

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