María José Hidalgo, the line of pharmaceutical products from Alicante that has set a precedent


The brand of pharmaceutical products that is revolutionizing the world of personal well-being and natural cosmetics has a name and surname, Maria Jose Hidalgo. With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, Maria Jose Hidalgo is one of the largest experts in Pharmacy and Parapharmacy in Spain. Doctor of medicine and teacher in this area, she is also a specialist in hospital pharmacy, hematology, and dietetics and nutrition. This entrepreneur from Alicante has opened a new path to cover the specific needs of the public who went to her pharmacies and did not cover traditional brands.

“Pharmacists are, on the one hand, professionals who start from the scientific knowledge of our profession and, on the other hand, we enjoy direct contact with people. This allows us to know, in a practical and real way, the results of the products we dispense and to analyze, precisely and with scientific criteria, the compositions of the products we sell. I knew, therefore, that certain formulations could enhance the desired effects and achieve better results, so I jumped in, ”explains Mª José Hidalgo.

The María José Hidalgo brand was born after a deep and extensive research process, with constant evolution being a fundamental part of the brand’s DNA. Research, monitoring and creation / redefinition are the three phases that each María José Hidalgo product goes through cyclically and constantly. From its wide range of cosmetic and natural care products to nutritional products.

Línea Roja is a true reflection of this philosophy that, with only a few months in the market, has already sold out some of its products. This is made up of four distinct sections. First, “Sleep and Recuperantes” with products such as Melatonin, Multivitamins, Tryptophan and Vitamin C; “Sport” with products such as Garcinia, Hida-Detox, Chitosan, African Mango, Hidapatic and Hidavenal; “Inflammation and joints” with products such as Marine Collagen + Magnesium, Omega 3, Conenzyme; and lastly, “Defenses and probiotics” like Hidadefens, Hidabiotic and Cranberry.

All the products are also framed in an ecological process and are respectful with the environment. Mª José Hidalgo is, therefore, also a sustainable brand that is setting a precedent in the field of personal well-being and natural cosmetics, from the pharmaceutical world and scientific knowledge.

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