Kidney stones? the best remedies and exercises to expel them


It is often said that they have kidney stones when, inside these organs, a solid compound is produced, something like a mass, whose origin has to do with substances inherent to urine, such as phosphorous salts or calcium carbonate.

These conditions, which are defined as kidney stones, kidney stones or nephrolithiasis, can go through two very different progressions: the stone remaining in the kidney, or go down the urinary tract. This second option is precisely the most painful, especially when the stone is trapped inside one of the ureters, in the bladder or in the urethra.

In fact, normally one learns of this disorder from certain common symptoms that occur if the stone leaves the kidney, because if it remains there the only way to find out about the situation is to do a specific medical examination.

On the other hand, if little by little it begins to move through the urinary system, annoying manifestations may appear, such as severe pain when urinating or under the ribs, nausea or vomiting without apparent causes, cloudy urine and even a reddish color, etc.

At this point, our initial recommendation is that you try to encourage contact with a doctor as soon as possible although, while waiting or in order to complement his indications, you can always take a look at the different natural solutions that we have at hand, both remedies and exercises.

The best remedies to expel kidney stones

In general, it is advisable to drink at least two liters of water a day, which keeps the urine diluted, preventing these stones from forming in the kidney.

Also, always as a preventive measure, it is useful to incorporate diuretic herbal infusion diet, among which we have nettle, dandelion or parsley, among others.

Already in a process of formation of the stones, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are able to help them to be diluted, cleaning the kidneys before it’s too late. Celery and its seeds have similar applications, given their diuretic properties.

The best exercises to expel kidney stones

And when it comes to physical activities, there are others such as those that involve upper body movements, such as swimming, going for a run or even tennis. The idea is that these movements generate that the small stones enter into circulation, and leave the body before it is too late.

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