Is it true that age affects the ability to lose weight?


We all probably heard that age affects the ability to lose weight. Many times, this difficulty in losing weight is associated with a slowdown in metabolism during the natural aging process. But, is it true that over the years it becomes more difficult to reduce the percentage of body fat and we become more prone to being overweight? Read on and find out what the science says!

Why is age believed to affect the ability to lose weight?

Many people claim that, as they get older, it becomes more difficult to manage a healthy weight. As much as they control their diet and continue practicing physical activities, it is difficult for them to maintain the figure and body weight of their youth.

This difficulty in losing weight is not imaginary and could be related to the so-called lipid substitution. This term refers to the ability of our body to store and metabolize lipid molecules to regulate the mass of adipose tissue (where body fat is stored).

It has been observed that as we age, the ability to replace or exchange lipids is reduced. Even in people who do not gain or lose weight over the years.Lose weight

So, is it true that it is more difficult to lose weight with age?

New studies show that aging does not have the impact we imagined on the weight loss process. An obesity program in the UK, for example, has shown that age does not affect the ability to lose weight.

The Results observed in people older and younger than 60 years have been statistically very similar. In addition, fighting overweight in older ages is key to preventing diseases that we become more prone to as we age, such as osteoarthritis.

However, you have to take into account the importance of habits, especially food, in this process.

Diet and exercise as key factors to lose weight with age

When we grow old our metabolism actually tends to slow down. And if we continue to consume the same type or the same amount of food, it will be easier to produce a caloric surplus in the body.

Also, many people, as they age, tend to reduce the frequency or intensity with which they exercise. A hypocaloric diet added to insufficient physical activity can easily lead to overweight. Y excess body mass is directly related to decreased lipid replacement.

With all this, it is not exactly that age affects the ability to lose weight. In reality, it is the non-adaptation of our habits, and especially our diet, to the needs of our body at each stage of life. This is the main factor that makes it difficult to lose weight over the years.

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