Is it possible to have a fruit allergy? Know if it happens to you


Fruits and vegetables are part of our daily lives and, however, especially in the case of the former, many people find it difficult to incorporate them into their diet, due to the fact that they suffer from the famous fruit allergy, a phenomenon that is not too common, but that sometimes becomes present and with which certain care must be taken.

Indeed, this disorder is sometimes nothing more than adverse reaction of the immune system not so much to the food itself, but to the pollen that they bring.

On other occasions, it is the proteins that generate multiple symptoms that account for a problem that must be paid attention to, prevented and treated.

In addition, it must be known that this rejection is not overcome even when the raw material has been processed or cooked, as shown by wine, beer, yoghurts, juices, etc.

What main fruits cause allergies?


Probably the fruit that groups the most cases of allergy, to the point that it was believed that the real problem was that fluff that characterizes it. In fact, this is not the case, but it is the proteins that are hidden in your skin that are responsible for this problem.


Due to its allergens, kiwi can cause from a slight tingling on the lips or tongue, even inside the mouth, to nasal congestion and a feeling of suffocation, accompanied by hives.


Classifiable within the cucurbit family, the melon can cause swelling in the entire region of the mouth, being the annoying or exasperating itch the worst of its signs.

Treatment and tips for fruit allergy

There is not much possible treatment for a fruit allergy other than conscientious prevention, consulting an allergist so that it specifies which are the foods that should be avoided, and recommends a diet in which they are substituted, taking care to include their nutrients.

Both children and allergic adults should stay away from exotic fruits, especially if they are traveling or away from home, thus keeping an eye on potential episodes.

Another interesting suggestion to avoid the allergy of fruits is to peel them, since generally the compounds that explain this opposition are found in the skin.

Finally, do not rely on seasonal fruits, since in one season they may not be behind allergic incidents, but the following year they may stimulate them.

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