Is it good to always have salad for dinner?


The salad itself, if it has the ingredients that we are used to eating when talking about it, is healthy. However, there are certain foods that can not always sit well depending on what hours. So is it good always eat salad?

The ideal is to eat in a healthy and varied way, because our body needs a variety of nutrients.

Lettuce could make us bloated

If there is always lettuce in the salad, even if it is a good thing, it may be that, at night, we will have bloating belly and creating gas. So if we have these problems, it is best to use the salads at noon, which is also feasible and will suit us much better.

Now, this does not mean that salads are fattening, only that it may be that, to certain people, they do not feel as they should.

Be careful what we put in the salad

Tomato, onion, turkey … all these foods are healthy and provide fiber so that our body regulates itself. Now, if we begin to introduce other less healthy foods, it is when, despite the fact that we believe that we eat something healthy, and it turns out that it is not so healthy.

The dressing

Another of the things that makes it not so good to always eat salad are the dressings. Olive oil, vinegar, spices, lemon and little else serve to make this dish taste and be healthy.

Low calories

One of the advantages of having this dish for dinner is that, if we take the ingredients that are healthier, then we will be taking fewer calories and less fat, so it is always favorable for our diet and especially when we want to keep our weight more or less always the same .


The salad allows you to eat different ingredients and if we vary them it is a really versatile dish. So the ideal is that we vary, but, as we have specified, we do not incorporate fatty ingredients, such as cheeses and others.

Finishing with a fruit

So that the salad does not taste too small, which should not happen because if it contains the nutrients that we want we will not be hungry, a tip is to finish dinner with a piece of fruit or a yogurt that will also regulate our intestinal flower.


  • Lettuce carries fiber and many advantages, but at night it may not sit as well as we hope.
  • There are many substitutes for lettuce such as lamb’s lettuce, arugula, and many others. So it is always good to have salad for dinner.
  • A mixed salad is the best option for dinner as long as you do not add high-fat foods.

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