If you study another language, you can have all these benefits in your health


Study another language it has advantages. And not only related to the knowledge of this language, but also health benefits. Especially for your brain and neurons that are reactivated and then it costs you less to learn many other things.

Furthermore, knowledge is always good because learning; we already know that it does not take place.

Living memory

In order not to have dementia problems or develop Alzheimer’s, various studies show that learning another language activates the brain and makes our memory more alive. And this is because we are continually exercising it.

Lets hear better

With this study of another language, people are able to distinguish exactly two different noises. Various studies, such as the one that took place in the United Kingdom, showed that bilingual children pay more attention to classes than others and therefore learn earlier.

Greater creativity

According to Educo, like everything related to education, the key is to make it fun. This encourages young and old to make up stories and play in the other language. Playing and creating generates more vocabulary.

Increased attention

Together with the above, knowing more languages ​​(one, but if there are more, much better) makes people pay more attention to what is said and then they are much less distracted. This is in general, but in children it is a necessary situation.

Greater positivism

It is proven that knowing more makes us motivated and this makes us more positive. In addition, the opportunities to find work and to interact with others are increased. Well, we make friends and we notice that we have mastered something much more.

We gain in security and trust

Some mental problems are dissipated by studying this other language. Because we feel more confident about ourselves when communicating with other people who speak this language. We gain confidence and we have a better view of ourselves in the face of others.

When to start studying another language?

The sooner the better and this is what the specialists establish. In Educo they respond that it is best to start from the birth of the child, since, in this way, the plasticity of the brain is used. But even when they are older, between the ages of 2 and 7, their brain can process two languages ​​without problems.


  • Anyone can be a good time to learn a new language.
  • It is better to learn as children because they learn faster
  • You have to perfect the language and not leave it there without practicing.

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