How to use a mosquito net safely in the summer


Increasing protection against mosquitoes is necessary, as they carry diseases. But precautions should be increased when going on a trip and especially when sleeping outdoors. World Health Organization, WHO recommends using a mosquito net in areas with mosquitoes and, when staying in areas at risk of dengue, yellow fever or malaria, use an impregnated mosquito net.

How to choose a safe mosquito net

This device offers very effective protection when sleeping outdoors, but for this a safe mosquito net must be chosen:

Network size

It must be much wider than the space to be coveredBecause when you touch it at night you run the risk of being bitten by a mosquito. It must also be of adequate length, as it must be placed under the mattress or sleeping envelope.

Mosquito net type

Box-shaped mosquito nets are usually the easy ones to install, as it is not necessary to attach it to several anchors on the wall. They are also suitable for several people, as they are very spacious and have more space available without risk of touching the net.

The pyramid-shaped meshes with a single anchor point in the high are suitable for quick use, since they only need to be hung.


Impregnated mesh

In risk areas, the WHO recommends the use of an impregnated mosquito net, which It has a repellent that prevents mosquitoes from getting close to the net.

Mesh size

Mesh size should be chosen based on the smallest mosquitoes, but Taking into account that there must be adequate air circulation, for one or more people who are going to sleep under the net.

Appropriate measures for a mosquito net

  • In risk areas (Africa, Southeast Asia, South and Central America, WHO recommends a 156 mesh MESH with impregnation.
  • In moderate risk areas (Central and Southern Europe), a 210-230 mesh MESH, with or without impregnation.
  • In areas with mosquitoes and black flies (Canada, Scotland, Scandinavia), a mesh 1000 MESH, with optional impregnation.

Finally, it is necessary to bear in mind that a mosquito net is only an additional preventive measure for the night, although it should also be used to sleep during the day.

During the rest of the day, the health recommendations are use an approved insect repellent, cover arms, legs and other exposed areas to the bites and stay tuned prevention in the camping area.

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