How to get into this discipline?


This June 21 the international yoga day 2021. A discipline that is becoming more and more important and that is practiced by millions of people in the world. If you think it’s going to do you good, it’s time to get into this discipline. How?

The essential thing is to put yourself in the hands of professionals who guide us so that we know what to do at all times.

The bases to start with yoga?

On this international yoga day 2021, it should be noted that it is not an easy task, but with time we can begin to master it.

Easy postures and that you like

In yoga there are various asanas and postures. And in its practice lies the advantage of making use of it. In this sense, it is important to stop and start with the easiest and most basic postures to go doing more complicated later. There is no rush, so you will know how to do the most complicated later. It is also vital to do those with which you feel most comfortable.

Watch a lot

At the beginning, in the classes, you have to observe to know how each of the movements are performed. It is important that you do it because if it is not difficult to continue with it.

Other exercises

You are going to need to be strong in other disciplines. So it is not the only sport you should do. Yoga should be combined with many other things: Pilates, swimming, dancing … whatever is best for you.

Well that’s when we reach flexibility and strength, in addition to balance and all this is necessary to practice yoga, because it does not appear overnight.

Focus on your breath

One of the bases of yoga is breathing. If we don’t do it correctly, then it is very difficult to get it right. Well, that is based on controlling the breath to be able to do well physically and mentally.

In fact, many people do not know how to breathe properly and this creates stress and complications in their life. To the breathe the right way we can better channel emotions and stress, in addition to exercising correctly.

No demands

The most important thing is knowing how to listen to your body at all times. For this reason, do not demand more of yourself if you really cannot. You will see how there are muscles that were there asleep and with yoga you will learn to move them but within a specific and measured exercise. Don’t do more than you can and you will avoid unwanted injuries.

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