How to eat vegetables differently?


If you visit websites with healthy themes and look at the social profiles of some influencers who profess a healthy lifestyle, then you will have seen the vertical salad. It is what we see in jars that are usually made of glass, and they are perfect to take from one place to another.

These types of salads are made by assembling by blocks with different types of ingredients. So they are super healthy and every day we can apply various ingredients.

How to make the perfect vertical salad?

Wetter ingredients first

Moist ingredients are usually put at the bottom, that is, from rice to fish or lettuce, if that is the case.

Then vegetables

Later, vegetables such as cucumber, avocado, or onion, etc. are usually put in.

On top, dry food

While for a perfect vertical salad, it is best to leave the driest foods on top, such as seeds or nuts.

The topping and others it is better that we leave them in a separate boat and let’s put it later, when we eat this type of salad. Thus the dressing, such as oil or vinegar, will also be part of it.


This type of salad has this name to prevent the ingredients from mixing, so that they will not spoil if they touch each other.

The old tupper

This type of salads contributes to a healthier life due to the ingredients in them. And in the end it is the traditional dish that we had in the tupperware, but now we have it in glass jars because it is much more sustainable.

In this way, if we must heat something in the microwave, we will not take the toxins that certain plastics give off and we will not harm the environment either.

So we store these ingredients that can last several days and we have dvarious different salads very healthy for days of the week, especially if we work and eat out on a daily basis.

If we are at home, it is also a good method of eating in a healthier way, although the ideal is to make a salad at the moment. And if it can be with fresh ingredients and bought at the moment.

This system is now a trend that has been imposed and it seems that it is not going away because it has been with us for some time.

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