How effective is each of the Covid vaccines against the Delta variant?


The Delta variant (India) advances and experts predict that it will be the dominant one in Spain in the middle of July. And throughout Europe in August. For this reason, there is concern about the effectiveness Delta variant of each of the Covid vaccines.

We know that it is more transmissible and this makes the hospitals fill up again, although at the moment the situation is not extreme, the experts are concerned to see how their expansion unfolds.

To make matters worse, the European Center for Disease Control has already ruled on the matter and it is believed that, end of August, this new variant will represent 90% of all cases active on the continent.

What is the efficacy of the vaccines against this Delta variant?

At the moment there is only studies of the effect of this variant in the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, because Moderna and Janssen are not being inoculated in the UK where Delta is predominant.

According to a study published in the prestigious scientific journal The Lancet, 79% of those vaccinated with a single dose of Pfizer’s vaccine recorded a neutralizing antibody response reduced to 32% compared with the original strain, and 25% with the Beta variant.

Thus, the ability of vaccines to prevent symptomatic Covid-19 is reduced from 88% to 80% with the two inoculated doses compared to the British Alpha variant.

For what i knowe prioritizes the second dose pSo that the protection against the new variant is already greater. And the efficiency compared to the Delta variant.

When we refer to the ability of vaccines to avoid hospital admissions for Covid-19, another study that analyzed hospitalizations between April 12 and June 4 concluded that with a single dose, they resist the challenge of the Delta variant in 75% of cases, compared to 78% with the Alpha variant. With two doses, the vaccines are even more effective: 94% versus 92% reported with Alpha.

Experts do not rule out new variants because the virus is mutating to become stronger and thus be able to act. Pfizer is already trying and improving your vaccine so that it can be effective at the various mutations, so now the goal is to find vaccines that are better and better.

Faced with this panorama, we cannot now lower our guard, especially among the unvaccinated, and those who they have done it with a single dose so far, because this new variant can be transmitted with increasing socialization and relaxation of measures in different countries.

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