How do we take care of atopic skin in summer?


Yes, those who suffer from atopic skin know that it is not easy to carry. It is complicated, sensitive and suffers more at certain times of the year, such as winter and summer. How do we take care of atopic skin in summer? We are going to discover some remedies and others.

Remember that this skin must be monitored by the dermatologist in order to apply the necessary creams so that it does not suffer more than necessary.

In summer, more complication

With the dryness of certain environmental climates and the sun, this type of skin suffers in summer. And not only for this, drastic changes in temperature also take a toll on the skin because we went from air conditioning to extreme heat, and excess sweat causes itching and redness, although the corresponding sun cream is applied.


Before buying a sunscreen you have to look at its composition and not use one that has those ingredients that can be worse for this type of dermis because although it protects our skin from the sun, it is also true that it can spoil it due to these problems.


They are dermis that need a strong hydration base, something that must be increased in summer, and continue with the routines that we do throughout the year.

Emollient formulas

For creams in general, emollient formulas should be used because they are more favorable.

Shower after pool chlorine

The chlorine in summer pools makes such dermis suffer more. We need to shower after bathing, in order to remove this chlorine immediately.

Soothing formulas

When it comes to applying all kinds of creams and soaps we cannot do it with just any product. So we need to see their compositions and choose those that have soothing and treating active ingredients.

Avoid scratching

It is somewhat complicated because such skin is prone to redness and this causes the skin to become irritated and itchy. But if we scratch ourselves, then it is much worse, so we should avoid it.

Visit to the dermatologist

How do we take care of atopic skin in summer? Before the summer season you have to make a visit to the dermatologist who will give us the care and maintenance of this skin in these months. Must avoid possible outbreaks, and in summer they can go out much more. That is when we must heed their recommendations and ask anything that is not clear to us.


If the skin is irritated and itches frequently, it may be very sensitive or atopic, so you should check it.

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