How can the coronavirus vaccine appointment be changed?


The administration of the coronavirus vaccine progresses at a very good pace in Spain. After vaccinating in residences for the elderly and professional groups, the rhythm among the population does not stop and in some communities it is already administered to people between 40 and 50 years old, who are notified via SMS or a phone call to confirm the appointment for the vaccine. Age is the key factor in organizing these bands of people to be vaccinated. From the oldest to the youngest and according to the availability of the different authorized vaccines for each age, the corresponding appointments are given. If for reasons beyond our control we must change the vaccination appointment, these are the steps to achieve it.

Steps to change the coronavirus vaccine appointment

Each autonomous community In the same way that it organizes the restrictions, it is in charge of managing the vaccination schedule. According to the number of staff it has and the health organization has a prepared plan. From oldest to youngest and depending on the vaccines available, the population is cited.

Users of the health system they will receive an SMS with the day and time of vaccination. If that day at that time it is not possible to keep the appointment, it must be communicated immediately to change it. In the same summons SMS will be the phone that will be called to get it done. This process is essential, each vaccine counts and cannot be kept for too long.

With which, If you give advance notice, vaccines are managed much better and it is avoided that they have to be discarded or cannot be used with another person who could arrive on time for this appointment. In this vaccination against the clock to avoid a new wave of infections, we are trying to manage in the best possible way.

The toilets are in charge of vaccinating, while a team of professionals is in charge of planning and organizing this vaccination. At the contact telephone number to change the appointment we will find a person who will give us an appointment for another day. In this way we can fit this vaccination with the agenda. If any unforeseen event arises, the chosen day must also be called.

If we run out of car or cannot get around due to any last minute emergency, we must quickly call the contact number. The vaccination appointment can be modified, so the urgency must be solved first and then be aware of the time and day that the system determines. Spain is one of the countries that is vaccinating the most slowly, waiting for the different vaccines that are arriving in the EU.

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