Home remedies to remove warts naturally


There are different types of warts and depending on how they are they should be examined by the doctor so that he can give us the necessary treatment to be able to eliminate them, if it is the most feasible. It’s possible remove warts fast and with home remedies? We found out.

There are many and different causes of why warts appear. From that produced by the human papillomavirus to other conditions related to the skin, depending on its origin.

How to remove warts fast with home remedies

Sodium bicarbonate

It is a remedy that works well to alleviate certain skin problems. In this case, we can mix the bicarbonate with vinegar by rubbing it on the wart area.

Castor oil

It is another home remedy to deal with some conditions that we have on the skin. This oil, at the same time, can be mixed with baking soda to apply directly to the skin.

Apple vinager

It is another recurring remedy for an entourage of problems. You will see as if you apply a drop of vinegar on the wart daily it is possible that this wart will disappear.

Salt and lemon

Hogarmanía cites some other tips to remove warts quickly and with home remedies. A) Yes We take a piece of lemon with the part of the skin facing down. When the part of the skin begins to be very hot, we add salt and apply it on the affected area. We will hold it with a band-aid.

With medications and others

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are some medications that are prescribed to remove warts. Thus we have the strongest exfoliant (salicylic acid). And they allow you to work removing the layers of a wart little by little. Studies show that salicylic acid is most effective when combined with cooling.

Another way is through cryotherapy, cooling therapy performed in the doctor’s office involves applying liquid nitrogen to the wart. While laser treatment is increasingly used to burn wrinkles. Thus the infected tissue eventually dies, and the wart is shed.


  • When there is a large wart that is also growing, it is important to go to the doctor to have it examined.
  • We have home remedies, but specialist treatments cannot be substituted for the former because they are a priority.
  • As the days go by, if things don’t go away, then we must make a second visit to check that everything is correct.

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