Foods to raise blood pressure naturally


Blood pressure should be kept at the levels set by doctors. There are people who suffer from low blood pressure and others from hypertension, from high blood pressure. In the case of the former, they need to raise the pressure to reach normal values. Although the serious problem that affects a large part of the population is hypertension, high blood pressure, low blood pressure can cause dizziness and fainting and, therefore, dangerous accidents.

When does low pressure require treatment?

Low pressure is considered to be that which registers values ​​lower than 9 the maximum, 6 the minimum. However, the doctor will probably only intervene and suggest medication if there are symptoms and discomfort.

Why is low blood pressure not considered important if there are no symptoms? Because it does not cause serious problems in the body. In case some symptoms appear, such as dizziness, instability, lack of balance, fainting, it may happen that the blood supply is poor in some organs. In this case, you have to act.

Foods that help raise blood pressure

Pressure rises easily. It is not difficult for a hypotensive person, a person who has low blood pressure, to regulate it when symptoms appear. There are foods that help to raise it when it is below what is expected.

We present you some very effective

Foods with good salt content

Salt is a perfect agent to increase blood pressure, that is why it is prohibited for hypertensive people. Eating cheese, ham, anchovies, cod, which have good salt content, raises blood pressure.


Licorice has glycyrrhine, a substance that helps increase blood pressure. It can be consumed as a root or as an infusion. Chewing a piece of root or drinking a licorice tea, the pressure will rise.


They are great allies to raise the tension. Olives, chives, pickles, lupins, and anything else that is brined helps.

Tea or coffees

When symptoms of low blood pressure appear, a cup of tea or coffee stabilizes. Theine and caffeine are recommended for hypotensive people


Blood pressure monitor

Liquids, especially sparkling water

Liquids, in general, help raise pressure. Drinking water, juices, milk, or vegetable drinks is a good thing to do. Sparkling water, especially, is a healthy drink that contains sodium, so it can be a good help.

It is important to be aware of symptoms that announce that the pressure is low. You can suffer dizziness that affects your stability. Especially if you drive, low voltage exposes you to accidents.

We suggest that you integrate the foods that we mentioned before into your diet. And when you go out, you should always have a packet of snacks on hand to get you out of a tight spot.

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