Find out why York ham is not as healthy as you think


Whenever we drink York ham We believe that we are eating healthy food. In principle we have been told that it contains various vitamins and minerals, and little fat, so it is perfect to take in slices, either for breakfast or a snack. But maybe it is not as healthy as you think.

Find out why maybe you should eliminate it from your diet, because it is not so healthy. This statement is nothing new, because it has been talked about for some years now. If you have doubts, it is best to ask the nutritionist.

Processed meat is on the rise

Sometimes we have the false belief that we are eating a type of ham or turkey when we buy York ham when in reality we are not. This ham is processed meat, that is, the one that can have more fats that are not good for our health and the one that we repeat ad nauseam that it is not healthy at all and that we must reduce its consumption.

Extra cooked ham

What we can eat because apparently it is healthier is the type called extra cooked ham, which is the one with the highest quality of all. Its amount of meat is 80 and 90%, that is, it is greater than in other types of processed, cold cuts, etc.

Fewer calories, but not healthier for that

It is true that, if we compare it with another type of sausage and processed meat, andYork ham contains fewer calories. And perhaps this is what makes us want to eat it at all times because we think that we are taking care of ourselves, and not that one, because having fewer calories does not mean that it is healthier. Well, according to various sources, it has various additives like all processed meats.

What would be the healthiest option?

As we have mentioned, the best would then be the extra cooked ham. Therefore, it is important to look at the labels whenever we buy. And choose ham or turkey and not cold cutsAlthough it is true that many times companies ignore this name and the word stiff does not appear at any time.

The ideal is to look on the label, that there is less fat, fewer calories, the amount of additives, and also that it is a food with less sugar, because ham, as well as other processed meats, usually contain more sugar and salt than other foods. Hence, among others, they are less healthy. So perhaps now you have a clearer idea of ​​whether or not you should banish York ham from your diet.

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