Find out if your cat is stressed and how to remedy it


Yes, pets get stressed too. And maybe you cat is stressed but you do not know what is happening to him. You may notice certain threats and situations that cause you a general state of stress that is not good. And it acts differently.

Although those who are at home rarely go out at all, and they are generally calm animals, there are certain circumstances that can awaken this apparent tranquility that it is worth knowing especially if we have this animal as a pet.

What are the causes of stress for your cat?

Take it to another house

They are animals of habit, so they are always in a habitat and get used to it. So if we take them to another home, then they tend to be stressed and spend several days under a bed or without moving. This is usually worse the older they are.

Visit to the vet

It is another moment of stress for our cat because he leaves the house, sees new people, goes by car or transport and is not used to it. At first you may even snort at the vets, but then you will be a bit more used to them.


Avoid taking the pet from one place to another. If there is no other remedy, then it can be done but we are causing a difficult situation for the cat that is not having a good time. They have a hard time adapting to an environment other than the one they live in and this may take days to react.

New pets

Especially if you have not had more pets and the cat is the king of the house, if we bring a new pet, he can see it as a threat, something new and he will not like it. In time he will get used to it.

Work at home

Construction and noise create problems that make the cat stressed. If it’s just one room, and you see a lot of people coming into the house, then you’re not going to want to enter this new room for a while.

Signs of this stress

  • Eat a lot or a little
  • Hide and not move
  • No interaction
  • Alopecia or anorexia.
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation
  • Exaggerated meow

All these signs and others can be confused with other problems that can affect the cat. That is why it is convenient to follow him closely, especially if you lose weight and he is a while without wanting to eat, because it may be that he is developing a disease and we do not know it.

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