Fight gum pain and inflammation with these remedies


The pain e gum inflammation it can be the prelude to a bigger problem that can develop over time. For this reason, we must become aware, explore, visit the dentist and apply certain remedies to reduce these signs in oral health.

The causes can range from mild to more complicated, so be aware of such signs.

Antibacterial mouthwash

According to the Ferrus Bratos Clinic, when a specific pain not associated with a periodontal pathology is ruled out, it is usual for the pain to subside using an antibacterial mouthwash especially indicated to treat the gums.

Maintain healthy oral hygiene habits

When this problem occurs, one of the causes is the poor hygiene in our dental hygiene routines. Because the bacteria we eat them accumulate on the teeth and form a plaque that causes, in developed cases, more problems in the gums.

Therefore, we must brush our teeth immediately after each meal and thoroughly.

aloe vera

If there is no major problem, this gum inflammation can also be solved with some remedies such as applying and rubbing aloe vera on the gum. Now, it is better to consult and ask the dentist about this type of remedy so that it is not worse for us.

The secret of the onion

While we can also chew raw onion or prepare onion juice. Then you have to apply it on the gum to reduce this pain.

Chew raw food

It is good to chew certain foods raw, because they are not worth all. That is, vegetables and fruits because with this in the end we stimulate the teeth and gums.

Prevent this pain and inflammation

It is best to prevent this problem before it goes out. This can be done with progressive tooth washing, mouth rinses, and visits to the dentist for check-ups and cleanings at least once a year.

To prevent, Ferrus Bratos Clinic also appoints flossing to remove food debris that accumulate between your teeth and that the brush has not been able to remove. In addition, we must avoid tobacco and alcohol.

On the other hand, stress can be one of the causes of these pains because many people clench their teeth hard and then they can be damaged.

Consequences of inflammation of the gums

If this goes to more, then two dental diseases can arise that are related to the gums. It is the periodontitis and gingivitis, which are normally produced when dirt remains on the teeth and gums. The brush can no longer remove them and penetrates the interior of the gum with consequent damage and may even lose teeth.

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