Eggplant properties and health benefits


When we highlight the eggplant, it is worth noting the great versatility of this food so characteristic of the Mediterranean diet. So let’s see the properties, benefits and contraindications of the eggplant.

As a first point, it is worth knowing that it consists mainly of water and that, due to the toxicity of solanine, it should never be eaten raw, but must be cooked correctly.

With that clarification, it is a food that has a significant amount of fiber, minerals like potassium, calcium, sulfur, and iron, vitamins B and C, serotonin, antioxidants, and a negligible number of calories.

What benefits does eggplant offer?

Ideal for weight loss

Eggplant is a generous companion during periods of caloric deficit with claims to lose weight, due to the combination of its minimal calories and its undeniable satiating power.

Protects cardiovascular health

Protects the health of the heart and the circulatory system, enhancing flavonoids to minimize the risks of developing chronic cardiovascular diseases.

Keeps cholesterol at bay

Due to chlorogenic acid, an extraordinary antioxidant, it reduces the possible excess of lipids in the arteries as a result of a somewhat careless diet.

Low in cholesterol

As we have started, both because of the fiber and because of many other nutrients, the eggplant allows us to maintain our cholesterol at optimal levels.

Prevents ailments in bones and muscles

Eggplant, by gathering folic acid, vitamins and minerals, also prevents ailments in bones and muscles, in such a way that older adults need it among their usual supplies.

Super versatile

Well, we can take it in different dishes and recipes. Be it roasted, in a salad, in pasta, accompanying meats and fish and in many more recipes, whether in winter or summer.

Antioxidant effect

It is noteworthy that aubergine contains antioxidant phenolic acids. And for this it prevents developing cardiovascular diseases and makes remedy for skin free radicals so that it is more and more rejuvenated, which is one of the actions of antioxidants and present in a large number of foods.

Does it have contraindications?

Although not many, it has some contraindications. As you can not eat raw, because we can suffer digestive problems. Whereas if we suffer from an inflammatory disease of the joints, then we must ask before taking it.

Apart from this, it is an excellent and very healthy food that should be present on everyone’s table because it is from the land, nearby and we have it in different seasons.

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