Drinking coffee could impair athletic performance


Coffee is good for certain things, but its abuse can be harmful to health. For this reason, it is not at all clear how the coffee in sports. We are going to reel it in to see if it is good or not when it comes to doing physical exercise.

On the website of dietitians-nutritionists they point out that being in group A is included in those products that really improve sports performance. And since 2004 it is no longer on the list of prohibited substances by the WADA⁠ (World Anti-Doping Agency).

Benefits of coffee in sports

An English study shows that coffee is widely consumed among athletes. According to this study: 59.9% of cyclists consume it regularly, reducing the percentage to 32.6% in other specialties such as athletics, according to infoalimentation.

And is that the improvement of overall athletic performance it is one of its benefits. Because it reduces fatigue and offers greater intense activity.

As we know, caffeine stimulates the Central Nervous System, and with this we are more alert, with greater concentration and memory.

Various studies indicate that we drink caffeine about an hour before exercising, we obtain benefits, such as that muscles burn more fat and less glycogenor. But it is important, first, to know the effects that its our body has.

Cons of this substance

It attacks the central nervous system, because while it offers benefits, if we overdo it, then it can appear anxiety and increased nerves, in addition to agitation, irritability, insomnia and others.

All this depends on each person, as there are those who are not influenced by coffee at all, while for others a single cup makes them climb the walls. It is a stimulating substance that is better not to abuse. To wake up there are other alternatives such as tea.

In certain people and, especially if it is taken daily, coffee causes addiction, so that it is difficult to get rid of it.

With sport, and according to which people, the coffee can cause tremors and anxiety, as we have highlighted before, so it is counterproductive when it comes to playing sports. Because then there is no concentration at all. This is how coffee affects sports.

The ideal is to ask the professional about the amount to take, and see how we really feel, otherwise it is better that we leave it and compensate our physical effort with other foods.

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