Dr. Carballo is in a hurry to leave the mask behind, why?


During the transmission of the program Horizonte, by Cuatro, Dr. César Carballo gave his opinion on removing the masks from abroad. It even gave a possible date, July 1, although the Government has already announced that it will finally be from June 26. Anyway, Carballo sees hurriedly leave the mask. Why?

The reason is because there is a fairly high cumulative incidence rate among the youngest because it is the population nucleus that is not vaccinated, for the moment. He commented that the rate is above 300.

He believes that it is a mistake to count and measure the data, according to other age groups, (as from 60 years of age) because it seems that the number of infections has been greatly reduced (and yes), but the elderly are vaccinated.

The pandemic is not controlled

Thus, the doctor explained that the pandemic is not completely controlled, since in a total of six autonomies the positivity rate is above 5%, the limit set by the WHO.

This is why he believes that we must not lower our guard and that the measures and standards must follow. In any case, he acknowledged that the incidence in hospitals is lower. For all this, he is quick to put down the mask.

Concern about the Delta variant

The program revealed the experts’ concern about the Delta variant because it is more contagious. What’s more, with a single dose, it only protects 30%, This is why doctors call for citizens to be vaccinated with the second dose, because then the protection against this new variant is much greater.

And this must be done before this variant is broadcast en masse. In fact, experts have commented that the Delta will soon replace the previous one, the Alpha variant and that it will be the one that predominates in various places, including Spain.

Little vaccination in other countries

In Europe it seems that the vaccination rate is going well, although there are many people with a single dose but not so many with the double. Dr. Carballo commented in Horizonte that, for example, in Israel, many Orthodox people who are not going to vaccinate.

While in the United States it is very difficult for them to reach group immunity, because although there are many people vaccinated, many others are also rejecting the second dose. And this is why they speed up vaccinating the younger population.

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