Do you know what cognitive distortion is?


The cognitive distortion affects emotional health. Is about negative and harmful thoughts that suddenly come to mind and distort reality. Those who suffer from cognitive distortions, misinterpret what happens to them and transform it into negative situations. They feel that each experience has harmful consequences and, therefore, they are often unhappy.

Guided by these negative thoughts, they make distorted judgments and as a consequence their mood drops, they feel discomfort and a lot of anxiety. It is important to know what this way of perceiving the world is about.

Some types of common cognitive distortions

There are several types of cognitive distortions. We present some of the most frequent.

Selective abstraction or filtering

Is cognitive distortion It arises because the person focuses their attention only on a part of the information and interprets it negatively. You are unaware of other conditions that could improve your performance. Only the negative is taken into account and the positive aspect is neglected.

People who tend to this Cognitive filtering distortion, they frequently say: ‘I can’t stand it’, ‘it’s terrible’, ‘I can’t take this’, ‘I can’t take it anymore’ and phrases like that that speak of extreme situations.Pessimism

Polarized thinking

The person who suffers from polarized thinking values ​​each situation with extremes: excellent-terrible, white-black, wonderful-frightening. There are no middle terms. ‘All’, ‘nothing’, ‘failure’, ‘success’ are expressions they often use.


Is cognitive distortion causes the person to feel 100% responsible for events in which they have hardly participated or in which they have not intervened.

Those who suffer from this disorder feel that everything that happens around them, what others say or do, is related to them. Based on these perceptions, you continually judge and compare yourself with others.

Catastrophic vision

It is a fairly common cognitive distortion. It consists of anticipating events with an ominous and catastrophic vision of the situation. When you see a negative event, you immediately imagine yourself in that situation, experiencing the catastrophe.


Overgeneralization is a cognitive distortion What happens when the person draws a conclusion without sufficient basis. An example is someone who is looking for work, shows up for an interview, does not get the position and already thinks ‘I will never get a job’.

There are other situations. At some point we can all have one cognitive distortion. It is not a disease or a permanent evil, it can happen always, sometime or never.

It is important to know how it works to act effectively when it appears. The idea that always has to prevail is that it is possible to change the way of thinking. It is advisable to go to friends or family to help improve perception.

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