Do video games help control stress?


The videogames are part of the current life of the vast majority of people. There are a wide variety of game types that are easily found on all mobile devices. Although many negative beliefs have been generated around it, the truth is that they also have their positive points. This is demonstrated by studies carried out to analyze the relationship between video games, stress and player behaviors.

Video games: do they generate violent behavior?

There are many who have a negative view of video games, considering that they generate violent behavior in children. Studies indicate that this conception is a fallacy. These types of games do not directly influence the emotional reactions of the players. On the contrary, they can collaborate in the development of self-control.

Video games help control stress

Through the observation of people who dedicate time to video games, it has been detected that their anxiety levels decreased. According to experts, this is caused by what is known as the ‘recovery effect’. This means that they find an escape route to release stress and disconnect with its causal factors.

It is a situation in which concentration and thoughts are focused on a goal linked to the game. A playful activity that generates fun, joy and, therefore, a means to channel tensions. Entrepreneurs who have incorporated the use of video games in the workplace, attest to the positive results. A motivational exercise that has decreased absenteeism and job rotation rates.

The skills that are developed during the participation in video games, the mastery of emotions, is key. The players learn to control their reactions and feelings to reach the goal and level up. It is a pleasant way to obtain different results to problematic situations, without falling into frustration.Video game effects


Video games are a useful and accessible tool to manage stress. A break during work or study days in which people can release their tensions and regain good energy. When played at the end of the daily routine, it facilitates relaxation to fall asleep.

Although you can see the benefits of video games to control stress, it is important to clarify one issue. These advantages are possible as long as there is responsible use. That is, do not exceed time of use or take them as a space to evade urgent responsibilities.

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