Diuretic, for the skin, against fatigue … the “miracles” of nettle tea


Although trees and plants, or some of their components, have always been part of human life, being included both in diets and in medicinal treatments, most of us only have a relationship with the most famous species. We stop at the “miracles” of the nettle tea about health.

In this article, then, we are going to discuss the benefits of nettle tea that are gradually being adopted by a greater number of people.

Do you know the benefits of nettle tea?

The nettle is a wild plant that usually grows spontaneously in humid areas and is present in much of the world. It is popular for the reaction generated by its leaves when they come into contact with the skin of people, although that should not make us forget their multiple contributions.

In fact, there are numerous reasons to incorporate nettle tea before or after meals, as it is advised to different general physical ailments and inconveniences, both chronic and episodic, so let’s see some of its most common applications.

This plant offers, to those who eat it, attractive percentages of vitamin A, vitamins B, vitamin C and vitamin E, in addition to minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium or zinc. Especially recommended during pregnancy, it adds flavonoids, histamine and tannins to the above.

  • It has the ability to purify the blood, making it ideal for cleaning our body
  • Being a diuretic, it helps to eliminate waste that accumulates in organs and systems of the body
  • It is very useful to fight infections of the kidneys or localized in the urinary tract
  • Improves skin conditions, making it look strong and radiant again
  • Supports the main functions of the digestive system, accelerating this process
  • Prevents hair problems, such as dandruff and premature hair loss
  • It is beneficial to discard accumulated mucus in the respiratory tract
  • It is effective against the feelings of tiredness of the body and mind
  • It is ideal to combat aesthetic conditions such as dandruff, hair loss and some skin problems.
  • It can help us to strengthen the nails.
  • In winter it is also very useful to remove mucus from the respiratory tract in case of colds and usually improves cases of rheumatism and gout.
  • It can help us fight iron deficiency anemia.
  • If you have low blood pressure, take medications for hypertension, are breastfeeding, or pregnant, you should avoid the consumption of nettle

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