Discover how to keep your skin younger thanks to glycerin


You have seen it in cosmetics, and specifically in soaps. The glycerin It is a substance that has various uses, but that especially offers us maximum softness and maintenance of the skin so that it looks younger and younger. Find out more about her.

It is obtained by hydrolysis of fats and mixed oils. A substance that is present in various industries and that can have various benefits for our health.

What are the various uses of glycerin on the skin?

On the skin it has many advantages, such as the reduction of alterations in the dermis. Thus and according to My Pharma, in its most liquid version, it is especially effective on irritations, burns and acne, among other. Thanks to its soothing action, it is ideal for relieving insect bites, as well as cuts and small wounds.

Moisturizing action

Your skin will be younger thanks to the glycerin for its moisturizing action. This is because it retains moisture and is perfect for drier skin, but it also offers total softness to our epidermis, leaving it as new.

Anti-acne treatment

Another of its properties is that it acts as an anti-acne treatment thanks to its disinfectant and bactericidal properties.

Goodbye wrinkles!

There is more because as it acts on the dehydration of the dermis it protects us from contamination and also from the passage of time, so it is a good anti-aging to say goodbye to wrinkles and protect us from different external factors.

To consider

It should be noted that use can be continuous because we see that it offers many advantages for our skin. In any case, although its use is extended to all skins, if we have it atopic, the best we can do is ask our dermatologist to control well that it does not cause any type of reaction.

From Nutrógena they let us know that the more you use products that contain glycerin, the better results you will get. The ideal is to apply them right after washing your face or showeringEspecially since hot water from the tap or shower can dry out the skin.

Other uses

According to Nivea, it is also used in countless areas that have little to do with cosmetics. In fact, it also has certain peculiarities that make it especially suitable for use as a preservative and thickening agent in the food industry.

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