Concerts are back! take care of your ears while listening to your favorite group


Whether we listen to music at home or go to concerts, take care of your ears. Well, we tend to put the music loud and live sound can destroy our hearing health sooner than you think. Write these tips down.

The Spanish Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (SEORL-CCC) has warned that, within three decades, 1 in 10 people will suffer significant hearing loss problems if avoidable habits such as exposure to loud noise are maintained.

How to prevent loud music at home?

Oticon advises that if we turn the music up too high, we may be damaging your ears, causing them to lose hearing in the long term. At the moment, many mobiles have a decibel detector that notifies the user when to lower the volume of their headphones to prevent injury, or even automatically lowers the volume of the device.

What if we are with the helmets on the street?

At the same time, in the street, with the outside noises that surround us, especially in the city, we tend to turn up the volume of our headphones to be able to enjoy the songs with greater clarity.

It is therefore advised that outdoors we use our headphones with a moderate volume that, apart from not being harmful to our hearing health, allows us to be attentive to what happens in our environment.

Take care of your ears at concerts

In order to guarantee an optimal sound that reaches all those attending these events, the decibel level reached at concerts is usually around 115, a figure that far exceeds the 65 dB that the WHO marks as listening intensity. healthy.

Oticon gives us some guidelines on what we should do to avoid further damaging our hearing health. Along with the speaker area, your ears will be more exposed to and with damage, so you better step aside a little.

Also, there is always the use of earplugs or even insulating headphones noise. Currently there are all kinds of plugs for each situation, so having specific ones for concerts or festivals is the best option if what you want is to see your favorite artist without worries.

José Luis Blanco, head of audiology at Oticon, comments: “Music is a really valuable element in our lives, but we must learn to enjoy it responsibly, because if we do not, we can be avoidably exposing ourselves to irreversible consequences in our ears ”.

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