Children under 12 years of age, exempt from presenting the documents to enter Spain in summer


The Government has already regulated some of the conditions to be able to visit Spain if you come from another country during the summer season. Thus, the order that established that children from 6 years of age had to present the documents to enter Spain has been modified and now they must do so from the 12 years old.

The documents that the minors must present are proof of having passed the Covid, of being vaccinated or a test. In addition, the BOE that establishes this order also points out that from 12 years old you must possession of the QR code which is obtained after completing the health control form through SpTH or through the website enabled by the Ministry of Health.

The fact that this age range 6 to 12 years It is determined by taking into account the minimum age to opt for vaccination and the limits that other neighboring countries also have. This is why the change was made, it has no major complication or for other reasons.

Vaccines admitted by the EMA

So, to enter Spain, those over 12 years of age who have been vaccinated must provide that they have done so with some of the four vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Agency, EMA or those that have completed the emergency use process of the World Health Organization.

PCR tests

As there are ages where vaccination is not yet taking place, such as 12-year-old children, then the result of a diagnostic test for active Covid-19 infection must be provided. They can be valid whether it is PCR or antigens.

The certificates, according to the agencies, must be written in Spanish, English, French or German. When it is not possible to have any of these languages, it is possible to have a supporting document together with the relevant translation into Spanish that has been carried out by an official body.

The order

This order on the conditions for be able to visit Spain if you come from another country During the summer season it has come into force this Wednesday, June 9. And it will be in force until the Government declares the end of the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

All this will be reviewed according to the events, as it may be that sanitary conditions change both in Spain and in other countries and the border will have to be closed again, among others.

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