Causes of increased white blood cells


If you have just done a blood test, and have noticed that white blood cells, also called leukocytes, are high, then you are probably wondering if this situation is bad, if it carries certain risks to your health, and what are the causes that generate those specific results. Let’s see what happens when you have the white leukocytes.

In the first instance, for those who do not know, we must clarify that white blood cells represent the body’s defense barrieror, so its presence is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system, fighting foreign substances that could potentially be dangerous, such as viruses, bacteria or germs.

In terms of representativeness, leukocytes should be close to 1% of the total blood, so an alteration in these proportions can be a symptom of certain diseases.

What are the appropriate levels of leukocytes in the blood?

Although an exact figure cannot be determined in this regard, since it all depends on the sex and age of the person, in general numbers between 4,500 and 11,000 leukocytes per microliter of blood in adults. Being below or above requires care.

In the first case, if we drop below 4,000 leukocytes per microliter of blood, that can not only be the indicator that something is wrong, but we also remain vulnerable to all kinds of infections and allergies that could affect us. This is what is called leukopenia.

If we locate ourselves above 11,000 leukocytes per microliter of blood, we will not be vulnerable to viruses, bacteria or germs, but we must also check that there are no conditions.

What are the causes of an excess of leukocytes?

Viral or similar infections: when our body perceives that there is a danger, such as a simple flu, it increases its production of white blood cells.

Bone marrow failure: on more than one occasion, the volume of leukocytes increases as a result of the detection of serious diseases, such as cancer or leukemia.

Inflammation: Arthritis, especially when it is chronic, can trigger white blood cells.

Stress or worries: A growing cause of excess leukocytes is the stress that derives from daily worries, keeping the creation of white blood cells elevated.

Skin irritation: if you burn or if you have a serious allergy on the skin, or in other circumstances in which you require the defense mechanism provided by the white blood cells in the epidermis, they will multiply their natural manufacture.

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