Can you drink alcohol after receiving the COVID vaccine?


After receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, many questions arise about the restrictions that should be maintained, such as whether it is possible to drink alcohol. For this reason, some experts have explained what are the contraindications and what not to do after receiving the first or second dose.

Alcohol restrictions after getting the vaccine

Yes OK drinking alcohol is not recommended once the vaccine has been received, experts mention that the consumption of a glass of wine or beer is not contraindicated. Whereby, it is possible to drink, although in moderation.

They have also specified that the restrictions are minimal, the most important being that a person cannot receive the second dose of a different vaccine to the one received for the first time.

What should not be done after receiving the inoculation, whether for the first or second time, is to think that you already have total protection. It is essential to continue with prevention measures: maintain social distancing, continue to wear masks and avoid spaces without adequate ventilation.

The first dose begins to work 7 or 10 days after being received, while the second acquires its maximum power 15 days later. However, it should not be considered that after this time it is possible to reduce or bypass the security protocols.Vaccine

Should a person infected with COVID get vaccinated immediately?

The vaccine must be administered 90 days after contracting the disease, as this generates immunity and, in turn, people with symptoms can confuse them with the side effects of the vaccine.

It is also necessary to know the effects that the vaccine can generate. These can be in some cases similar to the symptoms, such as tiredness, headache, fever and pain in the place where the inoculation was received. But only if there is fever or difficulty breathing, you should go to a health center.

What is the effectiveness of the vaccines against the new strains?

The vaccines that are currently applied are effective against the alpha and gamma variants, but they lose some effectiveness against the beta and delta strains, although they continue to be effective.

The recommendation of health authorities around the world is receive both doses of vaccines in the recommended time and continue with prevention measures. So far, this is what is considered most effective in combating the COVID pandemic.

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