Biosim joins the Manifesto ‘For a better Healthcare’ of the IDIS Foundation


The Spanish Association of Biosimilar Medicines (BioSim), a non-profit organization whose intention is to host and represent all pharmaceutical companies established in Spain that research, develop, produce and / or market biosimilar medicines, has wanted to publicly show its adherence to the Manifesto “For Better Health” promoted by the Institute for the Development and Integration of Health (IDIS Foundation), where the entity proposes ten principles to adapt the health system to the needs and challenges that arise in the present and must be faced in the near future.

In order to Encarnación Cruz, CEO of BioSim, “From our Association we share the measures proposed by the IDIS Foundation Manifesto. BioSim has always bet on the need for efficient healthcare that has professionals and patients to achieve quality care. To achieve this challenge it is necessary to join and have all the agents in the sector. We firmly believe that biosimilars can be great allies to achieve this end”.

Marta Villanueva, general director of the IDIS Foundation, considers that “this Manifesto advocates for efficient, equitable, reformist healthcare, capable of carrying out strategies that promote innovation and research. always responsible for the benefit of the patient. It is also essential to lay the foundations for collaboration between sectors and to value the contribution of healthcare professionals and all entities that carry out their work in the area of ​​the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare technology, which are key to the evolution of health in our country.

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