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best site to mp3 download on 2022

best site to mp3 download on 2022 free

MP3 Downloaders are programs which allow you to download your favorite tracks like blues, classics and love, as well as electronic, pop, folk and jazz, etc. effortlessly. The MP3 Music Downloader apps let you find any artist, song, or album and save just one song or a complete playlist to your mobile or computer.

This is a list of hand-picked selections of the top MP3 Downloader apps for Windows PC, Android, Mac and Mac, along with their most popular Features as well as links to their websites.

The list is the open-source (free) as well as commercial (paid) MP3 song download programs.

1) best site to mp3 download iTubeGo 

ITubeGo It is an all-in-one YouTube downloader that allows you to batch download music, videos, playlists and channel information from YouTube as well as converts these into more than 20 formats like M4A, mp3, mp3 and flac.




  • Compatible with over 10,000 sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc.
  • Support for downloading 8K video as well as MP3 with 320kbps.
  • Convert the videos into any format, with the same quality.
  • Download multiple medias at once.
  • Built-in browser and YouTube cutter.
  • 10X faster download speed.

2) best site to mp3 download By Click Downloader

By-Click Downloader allows downloading videos and convert them into audio on sites such as Youtube, SoundCloud, Facebook and many others. It allows you to download playlists video clips, sub-titles and so on. The program detects the moment you view the video in your browser and allows you to download it within a single click. It is fast and simple.



  • Tag MP3s with ID3 for ID3 files.
  • Simply cut the downloaded MP3 file to create an ringtone
  • The AVI and WMV formats are also supported.
  • You can download the entire playlist or channel with just one click
  • This tool provides a range of video resolutions, such as 1080p, 720p 4K and 8K.


3) 4K Video Downloader



4K Video Downloader is an open-source video downloader that works on PC, Mac and Linux. Download any kind of YouTube playlists that have subtitles, or without: “Watch Later” and “Liked video”, Personal Mix playlists. Save whole Youtube channels or individual videos in 4K, 1080p or 720p resolution. Download music directly from YouTube Music in MP3, OGG or M4A formats. Support for 3D and 360 degree videos.


4) YTD Video Downloader

YouTube Video Downloader provides a simple user interface to download video content from YouTube, Bing Video, Facebook, LiveLeak, and numerous other sites. This app for downloading videos lets convert video files in Android as well as iPad format to view with mobile phones.



  • It allows you to download videos from over 50 websites.
  • Support for 3GP, AVI, FLV MP3, MOV and WMV formats.
  • Download video playlists as well as channels.
  • Provides a built-in video player that allows you to play your videos.
  • Supported platforms: Windows.


5) SnapDownloader


SnapDownloader is the top video downloader on Windows as well as macOS that supports 900 sites, including YouTube. Download YouTube videos that are up to 8K resolution in MP4 format and convert them to MP3 in a snap. You can also Download YouTube playlists, complete channels as well as VR 360deg videos.


6) VidJuice

VidJuice is an application that lets you to download video and audio from over 1000 sites. It also comes with a built-in audio trimmer, which lets you cut your videos with ease. The software supports a maximum bitrate of 320kbps audio.



  • It is possible to convert video to 8K resolution.
  • It can offer up to 10 times faster speed.
  • Lets you download videos in batches.
  • Your videos stored on your computer are easily accessible for management.
  • You can remove subtitles directly from YouTube.


7) Viddly


Viddly is an application that allows you to download videos from online sources. It allows you to convert your videos to the formats MP4 and MP3. The app comes with an integrated search function. You can keep track of your YouTube Playlist with a single mouse click. It assists you in getting subtitles for YouTube regardless of the language.


8) VideoProc

VideoProc is an easy and simple to use tool that can compress any video. It is able to preserve high quality and quality in the initial video when compressing.



  • The video converted can be downloaded as MP4 or MP3 formats.
  • You can also record and compress live streams of video.
  • It can support more than 1000 video websites.
  • VideoProc assists you in managing the videos you’ve compressed.
  • The supported platforms include Windows as well as Mac.


9) Freemake

Freemake is a program which allows users to download YouTube videos as MP3. It allows you to download YouTube videos by simply inserting a URL.



  • You can browse for music and download it without signing up.
  • The tool lets you save up to 320 128 kbps MP3s.
  • It is possible to take from the video.
  • You can find a wide range of latest popular songs, pop as well as rock tracks.
  • Freemake lets you transform and then download multiple YouTube audio links from YouTube to your.
  • The supported operating system is Windows.


10) Any Video Converter

Every Video Converter can be described as a program for converting videos into MP3. It is among the top music downloaders which allows you to save your audio and video easily. The program allows you to download music in batches.



  • You can include to the address by clicking”Download” or the “Download” button or copy-paste it.
  • It lets you transfer the sound directly onto your computer’s hard disk.
  • This tool comes with an integrated YouTube YouTube Video Downloader as well as a converter.
  • Platforms supported include Linux along with Windows.


11) BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a software for torrents which allows users to download MP3 music. It is among the top free music downloader tools that lets you save multiple torrents at once.



  • You can set up more bandwidth to a certain torrent in order to download it more quickly.
  • The MP3 Music Downloader App allows users to set upload and download speed limits in order to reduce the network’s resources.
  • The program checks the condition of the torrent swarm prior to downloading it.
  • You can control torrents remotely using the web browser on any other device.
  • It permits you to program torrent downloads when it is most convenient for you.
  • Platforms supported are Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.


12) SONGily

SONGily is a no-cost MP3 download application. It’s one of the top MP3 music download applications that lets you save remix and cover versions of music that are original.

This tool lets you play a preview of the music.



  • It has a massive collection of music.
  • Music can be downloaded from YouTube.
  • This program lets you search for music effortlessly.
  • It lets you save high-quality music.
  • Platforms supported are Windows web, Android, and iOS.


13) Snaptube

Snaptube It is an application which permits users to download music both in MP3 or MP4. It’s one of the top MP3 music download applications which lets you select the format that you like easily. It works with many websites, such as, Instagram, Facebook and many other.



  • Download videos easily.
  • It lets you save videos directly on the phone.
  • It is easy to copy-paste the URL into your search box.
  • This tool lets you choose the preferred resolution and format to initiate the downloading process.
  • The supported platforms include Windows as well as iOS.


14) YMusic

YMusic is an application that allows users to save YouTube video clips in the MP3 format. The program will detect the name and artist for the song. It assists you in making your music collection more convenient to search.



  • Click the share button and watch the video as it plays in the background.
  • It is possible to download YouTube videos in a variety of formats, including MP3, WebM, MP4, and many more.
  • It makes it easy to look up the music video.
  • This app that is free for MP3 song downloads provides a clever playlist that is customizable.
  • It also has an online search engine that allows you to search for songs.
  • The supported platforms are Android.


15) Free MP3jam

Free MP3jam is an application which allows you to download legal music in all formats. This program can download MP3s from YouTube. It is among the top free music downloaders that allow users to look up any artist, song, and album.



  • You can download the entire album.
  • The MP3 download in this free application lets you download music on iPhone, Android, iPod PC, and many more.
  • The tracks are sorted according to most popular and most recent.
  • It allows you to save high-quality MP3s in high-quality.
  • You can share your tracks on social media websites.
  • Free MP3jam allows you to listen to music from pop, rock electronic, indie and jazz.
  • It provides a simple to use interface.
  • The supported platforms include iOS, Android, and Windows.


16) DVDVideoSoft

DVDVideoSoft is a no-cost YouTube convertor that works as a MP3 Converter software that converts and YouTube videos to download in MP3 format. It’s one of the top free music downloaders that lets you download the original quality the files.



  • Download MP3s for free in large quantities.
  • This free MP3 download software allows you to download the MP3 file by simply pasting in YouTube’s URL. YouTube URL.
  • It lets you save your videos in various resolutions.
  • This application allows users to change the name that is output.
  • It’s available on Mac, Windows, and PC.


17) SoundClick

SoundClick is a music-oriented social community. It lets you download and stream songs with MP3 formats. You can search for any song easily.



  • The application provides a variety of music that you can download.
  • You can alter the music playlist.
  • The free download of MP3 songs on this site lets you follow the artist’s updates.
  • Enjoy music with others.
  • It provides streaming audio with a quality of up to 160kbps.
  • You can listen to the playlists created by others.
  • The supported platforms include Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


18) SoundCloud Downloader

SoundCloud Downloader is a program which allows you to download music in MP3 format. You can download any track to your computer simply by copying the SoundCloud link and clicking the Download icon.



  • You can listen to endless songs.
  • This free MP3 song downloader lets you download an entire playlist to your computer.
  • SoundCloud provides high-quality MP3 tracks with a variety of speeds including 128kbps as well as 320kbps.
  • SoundCloud allows you to store SoundCloud tracks, music and songs and more to your computer.
  • It’s simple to utilize the application online.
  • The supported platform is web.


19) YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a service that allows users to download music so that you can play it offline. This free MP3 download application allows users to browse songs quickly.



  • It lets you listen to music using websites and mobile apps.
  • You can download music with up to 320 bits high-quality.
  • The supported formats for files include AAC, MP3, FLAC, WMA, and more.
  • It lets you download music from the mobile app or your computer.
  • It is capable of converting non-MP3 files to an MP3 format.
  • The supported platforms include Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


20) MP3Skull

MP3Skull is a search engine for MP3 downloads. engine. It is easy to find MP3 on the internet. It allows you to listen to every download with no trouble.



  • It’s easy to download MP3 files quickly.
  • You can make your search more personal.
  • This free MP3 song download on mobile applications lets you use music for your business presentations as well as marketing videos.
  • You can save your results in various formats.
  • It lists the most downloaded downloads.
  • Web is the supported platform.


21) DoremiZone

DoremiZone is an easy and simple for users to download music. It is easy to search through the playlist you want. You can download a complete playlist. It’s one of the top MP3 download websites that permit users to download MP3 without any additional plugins.



  • This music download website supports the downloading of audio files directly from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, etc.
  • It allows you to play music before downloading it.
  • Record audio in a high-quality format.
  • Download songs for Mac, Windows, and Android OS.


22) Free MP3 Downloader

Free MP3 Downloader a web-based tool that lets you convert and save video clips on Facebook or YouTube to MP3 format. This application allows you to save the audio absolutely free.



  • Download MP3s without the need for any software.
  • It’s among the most popular free sites to download music which lets you save songs by simply copying URL.
  • This site to download MP3 songs is able to convert video in atomically efficient audio.
  • Download MP3 simply by pasting your user’s name into the box with text.
  • This software can support the majority of popular audio formats.
  • The supported platform is web.


23) YTmp3

YTmp3 can be described as an online program for converting YouTube video to audio format. It is among the most popular MP3 song download sites that allow you to download YouTube videos that are up to 1 hour.



  • It is easy to convert any video into MP3 in a matter of minutes.
  • It is a music downloading program that lets users by copying and pasting any URL and transform the audio.
  • You can save a file onto a hard drive using just one click.
  • It lets you enjoy MP3s without the need to download any program.
  • The supported platform is web.


24) Mp3Juices

Mp3Juices is a program that allows users to download the most current music for free. It is possible to browse the site and download your most loved MP3 songs easily.



  • It lets you download unlimited tracks.
  • Save high-quality tracks.
  • The site is accessible without registration.
  • This MP3 download site is able to search quickly for songs.
  • The music download application is very simple to use.
  • The tool lists currently active downloads as well as the top songs.
  • The supported platform is web.


25) Jamendo

Jamendo is a music that is royalty-free to use for commercial purposes. It is possible to use the site for downloading MP3 songs at no cost. It’s among the top MP3 download websites that allows you to download pop, jazz classic, classical, and rock songs easily.



  • Users can sign up via either mobile or web.
  • You can search your preferred artist’s album by using their username.
  • The MP3 downloader permits users to download up to 350,000 songs.
  • You can get background music to create marketing videos or presentations.
  • Jamendo provides an easy-to-use interface.
  • The supported platforms are the web browser, iOS, Android.


26) Palco MP3

Palco MP3 is an software that lets you download MP3 music. It lets you look up a wide range of music at no cost. It lets you look up music from artists and bands.



  • You can stream the best songs.
  • This site for downloading music MP3 lets you save Brazilian music.
  • The site hosts more than 1,000,000 artists.
  • You can save music to your device so that you can listen offline.
  • This site to download MP3 songs lets you transmit your music across the globe.
  • Platforms supported are Web, Android, iPhone and Windows.


27) Videoder

Videoder lets you convert YouTube video to download and convert it into MP3. It can be used to create your own music collection.



  • The MP3 Music Downloader provides speeds that are 10 times faster than traditional downloads.
  • It is possible to save video clips from over 1000 websites.
  • It is accessible for Android as well as Windows.
  • This application for downloading music MP3 is compatible with English, Bengali, Chinese, Dutch, French, and many more.
  • Platforms supported include Windows as well as Android.



What is an MP3 downloader?

MP3 Downloaders are programs which allow users to download pop, electronic and rock songs effortlessly. The programs permit you to save just one song or a complete playlist on your computer.

What is the function of MP3?

MP3 operates by concealing or removing sounds that are close or even beyond the limits of human hearing. It can help you reduce the size of an audio file.

Can I change the format of Youtube videos to MP3?

Yes you can convert YouTube video into MP3 format. This is a relatively simple task when you have the proper software in hand.

Can the MP3 downloader convert to a format that downloads the file?

Yes, the MP3 downloader can convert the downloaded file to other file formats such as WebM and MP4.

How do I Download FREE Songs?

Here is a step-by method procedure to download songs for free using the music downloader app:

  • Step 1.) Download and install any of the listed tools or go to the official website of any MP3 music downloader tool.
  • Step 2.) Choose any song from the list below that is trending, or your preferred artist or singer or look up the exact song you’re looking to download.
  • Step 3.) Once selected, click”Download “Download” button
  • step 4) Your favorite song will be downloaded onto your device, computer or mobile phone
  • 5.) You can also download multiple songs in a batch with the help of MP3 music downloader software

Which are the Best Apps to Download Music?

Here are a few of the top apps for downloading MP3 music at no cost:

  • iTubeGo
  • By Click Downloader
  • 4K Video Downloader
  • YTD Video Downloader
  • SnapDownloader
  • VidJuice
  • Viddly
  • VideoProc

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