Benefits and properties of gelatin for weight loss


The jelly It is one of those foods that accompanies us from the first years of life, because of the ease with which it is prepared and consumed, but also because of the many times forgotten benefits and properties that it can provide the human body in a regular diet.

Generally considered only a light dessert, low in calories and especially attractive in the summer for its freshness and its options of fruit flavors, gelatin contains a wide variety of important nutrients for the body, and today we are going to focus on them.

By way of summary, we can say that historically it has been associated with gelatin with better digestion, as with the care of the bones and the prevention of bone deterioration, while some people also associate it with the protection of the skin against damages of all kinds.

This is due, already leaving mythology aside and focusing on the scientific evidence, on the gelatin content that it has, a fundamental compound or substance when obtaining collagen, and that is extracted from the skin of certain animal species .

Collagen, for its part, is a protein capable of providing a good dose of daily requirements in terms of coverage for bones, skin, nails and hair, but also key to accompanying the wear suffered by cartilage and joints.

5 benefits and properties of gelatin

Collaborate with a healthy diet

Due to its preparation, gelatin provides chains of essential amino acids, and it does so at a very low cost, because it contains almost no calories, although that will ultimately depend on the added sugars and flavorings.

Supports skin health

As we said before, constant consumption makes the skin gain elasticity due to the collagen itself, which rejuvenates its main tissues.

Supports bone health

The bones take advantage of the high index of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and other minerals in gelatin, strengthening themselves.

Speeds up digestion

Faced with slow digestion, gelatin is an interesting natural solution. This, due to an amino acid called glycine, which stimulates the secretion of acid that, within the stomach, is responsible for the assimilation of nutrients.

Strengthens the joints

One serving of gelatin a day, or at least three a week, reduces inflammation, regenerating the cartilage that makes up the joints.

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