Benefits and contraindications of horsetail


Throughout history, different civilizations used the elements that nature provided them not only to feed themselves but also, in many cases, to optimize living conditions. One of these is the horse tail, Do you know its properties and benefits?

Indeed, various shrubs and herbs were incorporated into both the diet and medical treatments of those societies and we use them now more than ever. According to Medline Plus, chemicals in horsetail may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Horsetail contains chemicals that work as diuretics and increase urine output.

What does horsetail do for your health?

Always recognized as a powerful diuretic and purifying agent, applied internally as well as externally, it is a classic of the most expert herbalists. Therefore, in the face of difficult urination circumstances, it manages to eliminate various toxins lodged in the liver and kidney.

Cell regeneration

However, its most outstanding characteristic is that referred to cell regeneration, something that is due to its high content of silica, a fundamental quality for the repair of damaged tissues.

Minerals and vitamins

Thanks to the contribution of mineral salts and vitamins, horsetail is usually incorporated into treatments for asthenia or weakness, collaborating with the development of the little ones and strengthening the elderly during their last years, in specific periods of convalescence.

In addition, it has properties to cause a faster organic cleansing, contributing to a faster and simpler weight loss.

For kidney stones

Horsetail also has a long history fighting some of the most common genitourinary conditions, such as cystitis, urethritis and nephritis, and eventually it is also considered within the treatments to prevent the formation of stones in the kidney.

Powerful properties

Regarding its superficial applications, due to its astringent, anti-hemorrhagic and healing characteristics, it is smeared on hemorrhages in the first layer of skin, sores, dermal ulcers and certain cases of atopic dermatitis due to allergic reactions, to name several.

Against heavy periods

Internally, its action is decisive in procedures against heavy menstruation, seasonal diarrhea or dysmenorrhea, being widely appreciated in these cases.


  • Before taking herbs and plants it is vital to ask our doctor for advice.
  • It is also just as important to know where to get such remedies so that they are of authentic quality.

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