Are you afraid of conflict? Know the reasons


There are those who flee from problems from the outset. This is called having fear of conflict, which is not bad at all but, on the other hand, it may be that we close in band and we do not know how to solve ourselves. Find out if you really have this fear.

Those who have this fear have a really bad time and avoid any of these problems. So they never get no for an answer, even if they think otherwise.

What is the basis of being afraid of conflict?

People who have this problem usually experience some anxiety when they are contrary to what other people say, and to avoid this confrontation, they always agree with the other.

Fear of rejection

This is related to different concepts such as fear of rejection. They fear that, for being contrary, they may be rejected or fall badly. When they would not have to be like this. This anguish only causes internal conflicts in the person and does not let him advance.

Insecure people

All this can also happen because they are insecure people. They do not express their opinion, they keep quiet, they give in and this positions them as weak people. Others stronger take advantage of such a situation.


So because of this fear of conflicts, problems are avoided but this does not make them there because they are not evaded, there are things that cannot be avoided and this generates greater unease among those who suffer from this problem.

How should we deal with fear

This problem can be treated. For this we need help in order to establish a series of actions and habits to learn to resolve conflicts in the best way.

The psychology professional will lay more foundations to be stronger and will also establish whether or not medication is necessary to control the symptoms that the situation generates, such as stress or anxiety.

With these therapies it is sought that the person is better and have more confidence in yourself. This makes us able to say no, clearly, and that we can express our ideas even if they are contrary, and without fear of what others think.

The ideal is to create a space for dialogue or negotiation because it is not the end there are always grays, in the middle of the blacks and whites. Conflicts are daily and it is easy for us to generate new problemsThe key is to have the ability to solve them but without suffering, or creating new ones. We can do it in our day, from work to family life.

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