Are you a perfectionist? Learn to wear it better


The people who have a perfectionist character They become somewhat maniacal and see their stability endangered when they cannot control their life. The smallest detail marks and then they can enter a kind of spiral that leads them to develop certain problems that affect their mind.

Perfectionism is that attitude of the person who tends to seek perfection in what he does, improving it indefinitely without deciding to consider it never finished. For this reason, wanting to do things well is natural, but overdoing it is taking it to an extreme, nothing good.

Signs of perfectionism


It may be that if you are a perfectionist you notice that you have certain obsessions, especially to comply or be the first in all the areas in which you move. This creates frustrations when it doesn’t happen.

They show many skills

This character does not mean that it is not good, but at the extreme is when it can be a big problem. What can be observed is that one of the traits of those who are like this usually have different abilities and are good at certain things.


Another positive trait is that they tend to be persevering, hard-working and take time until they can achieve the goal they set for themselves, so they don’t give up quickly and don’t finish until something is not well done, if not excellent.

How to better manage the perfectionist condition?

Do not demand yourself so much

It is difficult for this phrase to be fulfilled by people with these signs, but the level of demand must be reduced to be able to live somewhat more calmly.

To plan

Although it is already something that is usually done, it is necessary to recommend that they can follow an order, strategies and plan, to reach the goals that are proposed they must also create in this plan.

Assume mistakes

We are all human and we can make mistakes. So if we ever don’t do everything right, nothing happens, it’s acceptable and let’s learn from mistakes to build and take it into account for other times.

To look for help

In the event that we have this problem so internalized and it becomes a great obsession, perhaps it is time to ask for help and to be seen by a professional to give us the bases in order to cope with this issue in the best way.

Learn to live with perfectionism

In the end, the trick is, as in many other things in life, to cope with being this way so that it does not affect us so much in our life by being much more flexible.

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