advantages and disadvantages of doing them in summer


The summer season is as good as any other to perform a hair graft, but it has some particular advantages that make it the one to do it. Summer vacations reduce stress and this improves the recovery process, making the likely postoperative discomforts more bearable.

Advantages and disadvantages of hair grafts in summer

Just like any other time of the year, having a hair graft in summer is totally effective, safe and has all the medical guarantees.

But doing it in summer favors the recovery process, although some situations that can cause inconveniences should be taken into account.

Disadvantages of hair grafts in summer

  • Very strong sun exposure could damage some of the grafts.
  • It is recommended, during the first weeks, beware of strong sun rays and, from 10 days after the intervention, cover the head with caps or hats.
  • Swimming in pools or beaches should be avoidedas the chemicals in the water could irritate the skin in the graft area.
  • It is advised not to do intense sports until at least one month has passed since the intervention. Although it is possible to practice light and low intensity exercises, avoiding friction or excessive sweating.
  • If your body temperature rises and you sweat excessively, it is very likely to affect healing.Hair graft

Good results of grafting in summer

One of the main advantages of performing a hair graft in the summer is that, as the definitive results begin to be seen a year after the intervention, in the following summer you will be able to show off your hair with total naturalness.

If the graft is done at another time of year, when summer arrives, it will be in full swing, the restrictions must be respected and you will not be able to enjoy the holidays properly.

According to data published by the Society of Hair Restoration, more than 50% of men and 30% of women suffer from abnormal hair loss. The Society estimates that specialized scalp repopulation surgeries have increased by 65% ​​worldwide, from 2014 to date.

Yes OK hair loss has a seasonal component, with autumn being the time of year with the highest incidence, is directly affected by lifestyle current of people.

Genetic and hormonal origin is the main cause of alopecia, but problems such as stress, anxiety, air pollution or poor diet, are some of the main causes that cause it.

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