71.8% of Spaniards will wear the mask, although it is not necessary


We are gradually incorporating the mask into our daily routines, although there is already talk of when we will not have to wear it. According to one study, a 71.8% of Spaniards will wear the mask, even if it is not necessary. Let’s see more surprising data on our habits with Covid-19.

The Cofares Trends study ‘One year of COVID-19 (III): Habits about the use of the mask’, concludes that 62% of Spaniards will continue to wear a mask especially in public transport, hospitals and in flu and allergy season.

As we have seen, a large majority of Spaniards will continue to use the mask on specific occasions or situations when it is no longer necessary. This is assured by 71.8% of Spaniards.

In the previous edition of this survey, published in October 2020, it was already clear that 67% of Spaniards had adapted well to the use of the mask after the outbreak of the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

Masks and generations

By age range, it was the younger generations who had adapted faster or had no problems with it. This was assured by the 74.2% of Gen Z respondents (18-25 years), 67.3% of Millennials (26-35 years), 60.7% of Generation X (36-55 years) and 65% of Boomers (over 55 years) .

FFP2 is positioned as the mask of choice

The population is clear that FFP2 masks are their favorites, and this is supported by 41.5% of those surveyed. While 37% opted for surgical masks. Then the cloth ones are preferred, with 21.5% of the total, remember that the latter are not sanitary articles.

By communities and type of mask, it should be noted that the Region of Murcia and the Community of Valencia are those regions that most prefer FFP2 masks (54.3% and 53.4%, respectively). They are followed by Cantabria, with 50%, Extremadura, with 48.1%, and Andalusia, with 46.8%.

When will the population use the masks?

Waiting for this issue to be regulated, because there are experts who announce that perhaps in one or two months we will not wear this mask, at least in the open air, but the last word has to be said by Health or the Autonomous Communities, the population has spoken.

Total, 6 out of 10 respondents have assured that they will continue to use the masks more punctually and will focus on situations in which the chances of contagion are higher.

This is when using public transportation and hospitals, or in flu season or spring allergies. Thus a great majority of Spaniards will put on the mask.

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