6 ways to be happier on the happiest day of the year


Every June 20 a very special day is celebrated: the happiest day of the year, which throughout the world is called Yellow day. And what will you do to commemorate it? We give you 5 ways to be happier and you will see how you live much better.

In several places it is summer and it also arises in contrast to Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year due to bad weather and routine.

It is in summer when the days are longer which makes people happier and more motivated to go out and do many things.

And this is why this day arises that every year becomes more popular, although it is not an official international day but you can apply it today and every day.

How to be happier?

Do not complain that much

On yellow day, the happiest day of the year, we highlight the ways to be happy and one of them is not to be all complaining. Life can be more or less complicated depending on your point of view and your actions, so be thankful and be more optimistic.

Surround yourself with those who love you

Be family, partner or friends and spend time with them. It is one of the ways to feel better in all aspects.

Work on what you like

It is not that simple, but even those who are not motivated at work can reconvert their work life and do what they like best during the day. And charge for it. It’s possible.

Help other people

If you are satisfied with your life, perhaps there are those who are not so. Finding yourself better with the rest is up to you, and various studies have established that helping others makes us better people and happier too. And it does not take much with simple gestures is enough.

Give up what hurts you or doesn’t make you feel good

It is logical. Put aside what makes you suffer, torments you or creates problems, why. Focus on the most positive things and the present.

Profess a healthy lifestyle

If you eat better and exercise daily, you will see how you feel better with yourself and others. It is simple and something we can do on a daily basis.

More ways to be happy

  • Look on the bright side of things
  • Do not turn to absurd ideas
  • Smile a little more every day
  • Do what you like, watch series, your favorite program or go on an excursion

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