6 effective tricks to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes this summer


Usually exists a combination that does not fail between summer and mosquito bites, and even more so if you are abroad. Although in the markets we can find all kinds of repellent products for these insects, there are also many homemade tricks to consider.

At first, it must be considered that the sources of attraction for mosquitoes go through light, especially sweet smells and tastes, the aroma of human skin, any type of food and sources that give off heat. In general, we must be careful in not having the windows open at home, and less if we have the lights on. But there are some effective tips, below we see them.

The use of mosquito nets

This could be one of the most effective tips. Well be mosquito nets on the bed, or especially on the windows of our home, and especially at night. Currently there are all kinds of models, devices, very functional.Mosquito net for bed

Beware of strong odors

As we have seen at the beginning, strong smells and perfumes attract mosquitoes. To combat this, it is best to have proper body hygiene and avoid sweating, which is one of the sources of attraction for these insects. Nor is the use of perfumes a good idea, especially if they give off sweet aromas. When choosing a cologne or perfume product to apply, the best would be one with the smell of citrus or citronella.

Stagnant water

Mosquitoes tend to frequent wet areas, such as puddles of water, river banks, swamps, etc. Even a freshly watered garden lawn can attract them. Another good idea is to try not to accumulate water in pots, containers in the patio or garden, vases, etc.

Activities abroad

Experts advise avoiding outdoor activities after sundown. If there are trees, forest, etc. in the area where you usually go out, the risk of mosquito bites is even higher.

Cover your skin and avoid creams

Sun creams and the like have components that attract mosquitoes and other insects. When we go outside, to an area where there may be mosquitoes, it is best to avoid creams and cover as much skin as possible with clothing.

Some homemade repellants

As we have seen, citrus and citronella are repellants against mosquitoes. Another well-known home trick is stick cloves into lemons or limes.

Remember all these tips to avoid mosquito bites this summer.

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