6 causes and how to avoid it


If you ever noticed itchy breasts, that you know that there are different reasons. If it is being more frequent than normal, then it is better that you go to the doctor who will establish a possible diagnosis and treatment to follow. Know the possible causes.

There are certain stages in the life of a woman that cause this itch, for example when there is pregnancy, as there are constant changes in the skin in this area.

What are the causes of itchy breasts?

Dermatological problems

One of the causes is due to skin problems, either due to irritations, redness and others, mainly due to dry skin.

And this may be related to being exposed to the sun, so we must apply the protective cream that it touches.


It can also be due to certain infections. One of the causes is candida, which causes itchy breasts, burning, and especially irritation.

Breast cancer

Although it is not one of the most common causes, it can occur but for this there must be other signs such as redness and expulsion of discharge from the nipple. While this should be examined by the doctor, and see the different reactions in the consultation with various tests.

Allergies to creams and others

This can also happen due to possible allergies to medications, creams, and other products that can make this area of ​​the body itch. This is usually temporary and disappears when we no longer apply the cream or we stop the drug in question.

Thyroid problems

This happens when the thyroid is lower, which is when the skin can become dry and it is more normal for there to be various itches.


We have already commented that, at certain stages of a woman’s life, there are changes in the breasts. So it is normal for the breasts to itch when a woman is pregnant. This can last until breastfeeding. But if it continues for a long time, you have to consult.


  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pains
  • Have an appetite


  • If the area spikes a lot and for days, then we must be checked by the specialist.
  • If this itching is accompanied by other symptoms such as redness or greater sensitivity in the breasts, we should also go to the doctor.

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