6 benefits of surfing to celebrate your international day


Surfing is a water sport that drags millions of people around the world. Every day there are more schools and people who practice it because it is also encompassed within a philosophy of life. Discover the benefits of surfing on your international day.

Well, on June 19 this day is usually celebrated to praise the benefits of this sport, which seems easy, but it really is very complicated.

Why should you surf?

Relieve our stress

In the same way as many other sports, surfing is an aquatic discipline that allows us to release our stress and this is because we do a lot of physical and especially mental exercise by having to make an effort to ride the waves at all times.

Once we have practiced it, a great well-being really invades us and we are very relaxed.

Strengthens the heart

One of the benefits of surfing is that it allows the heart to function properly. The reasons: improved blood flow, in addition to blood pressure.

Improve our muscles

On a physical level, there are many benefits of surfing that we must know because it is a complicated exercise and at the same time very complete. That is why one of its principles is that it allows us to improve the muscles of our body.

With the board we must establish balance, strength and flexibility, and the result is a significant strengthening of our muscles.

Helps prevent injuries

It is not that by practicing this exercise we cannot hurt ourselves, because there are also injuries, but as the body becomes stronger, muscle mass is crucial to prevent certain injuries.

Contact with the nature

People who practice this sport are in total contact with nature. In this case, they love the sea, the beaches and have a great respect for caring for the environment and the ocean to preserve the marine species that inhabit it.

Persistence and increased motivation

We are talking about a tough, demanding sport that needs perseverance. There are those who start and leave it there and then, after time, they must start again, for this reason, we say that it is acquired large doses of persistence as well as great motivation to correctly perform the exercises in the water and on the board.

With surfing it is important to set goals, pursue them, know the techniques, overcome limits and train well to perform each of the exercises correctly, if not, it can cost much more.

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