5 tips to make the best decisions


Life permanently exposes us to situations in which we must decide. Every day we worry about taking the best decisions, because we know that our present and our future depend on that. Some decisions are easy and the appropriate option is displayed without problems. But there are times when we doubt and don’t realize what is best. We are afraid of being wrong and this fear prevents us from making up our minds.

The good news is that there are strategies to make the best decisions in those situations where things get complicated. We offer you 5 tips that will help you think and decide so that you feel safe.

A 5-step path to making the best decisions

Make a list of options and analyze them

It usually happens that the person focuses his attention only on two options, the most obvious or the first that appear in his mind. To drink the best decisions it is necessary to open the thought and observe other possible alternatives. Perhaps the ones that appear first are not the ones that lead to the best decision.

A good tip is to write. Expressing thoughts and emotions in written words helps to think clearly. Make a list of options available to you and follow the analysis process.Reflection

Visualize yourself living those options

Visualization consists of imagining yourself in the situation that each of the options proposes. The mind experiences a visualization as a previous experience, almost as a reality. You will observe if you would feel happy in each option and you will detect inconveniences and obstacles. You will have elements of judgment to assess and take the best decisions

Focus on the pros and cons of each option

It is likely that all the options you have have positive and negative aspects. Write them down and analyze them carefully. In this way you will have a clear vision of which is the one that favors you the most and that hurts you the least.

Set deadlines

If you prolong the decision too long, the process is distorted and loses effectiveness. To make the best decisions it is essential to set a deadline and meet it. Action is progress, and you shouldn’t be paralyzed in the process.

Commit to the chosen option

Once you have completed the entire cycle, make the commitment of the option you chose. You must leave the other alternatives behind and focus all your attention and effort on the decision you made. From the moment you made what you consider the best decision, you will surrender to it, without distractions.

Making the best decisions is not a matter of whim but of identifying what is most convenient for life. It is not possible to have everything, by choosing one option you will give up the others.

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