5 tips from the nutritionist for travel and vacations


A well-deserved vacation should not condition your diet nor generate disregard for eating habits. In addition, it is very possible that travel generates significant levels of anxiety and therefore is the time when you should be more alert about the food you eat.

Tips from the nutritionist for the holidays

To control excessive consumption of unnecessary food, the basic recommendation when going on vacation is to start the day well with a breakfast rich in fiber and protein, accompany with yogurt and oatmeal, keep fruits on hand throughout the day and be sure to consume fresh vegetables every day.

So that feeding on vacation does not generate health consequences, some rules must be followed:

Maintain the meal routine

Being on a trip and busy in various activities, it is very easy to forget to eat and skipping meals.

But the solution is very simple. Should be make healthy snacks ahead of time to have on hand, such as a mix of nuts and other dried fruits, or energy bars, that will control the anxiety until the next meal.Nutrition on vacation

Drink a lot of water

The body must always be properly hydratedespecially if the weather is hot.

Thirst is a sign of dehydration, so you should not wait for it to occur. It should be drunk regularly and that is why The ideal is always to have a bottle of water on hand.

Reduce portions

Holidays often involve more restaurants than usual and less control over the quality of the dishes. Also, in these places, the portions are larger and more tempting to satisfy the visitors.

The solution is eat healthy snacks regularly to reduce appetite at meal times.

Experimenting with food carefully

Probably visiting new places will try new dishes. But you need to take the time to test and savor while enjoying yourself, without feeling too full.

When you are no longer hungry, you should stop eating, even if the dish is really delicious.

Control alcohol consumption

Being on vacation also induces you to drink more than necessary. It is necessary to continue being reasonable in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The solution is to set limits.

Determine a maximum daily consumption and experiment with another flavor the next day.

If you go on vacation, continue to watch your diet and your health. Leave your comments on these tips from the nutritionist and share them with your friends on social networks.

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