5 medical tips on nasal spray


The nasal spray or nasal spray is a drug that can be purchased in pharmacies and is indicated in those cases of allergies, colds, and other conditions that block the upper respiratory tract. Although this is a quick and effective option to control excess nasal mucosa, specialized doctors recommend taking some precautions during its use.

Medical advice on nasal spray

Choose the right spray for the condition

There are several types of sprays with different active ingredients, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your symptoms. If the airway is blocked by mucus, a xylometazoline spray should be used, or a saline nose spray.

Saltwater sprays from saline nose sprays vary in its salt concentrationAlthough they all clean particles, pollen, microorganisms and scabs from the nasal passages.

For hay fever, sesame oil spray is indicated, which is particularly beneficial for hydrating a dry nose.Aerosol

Use it sparingly

The generic pharmacy spray can be used, with control, in children older than 10 years, no more than three times a day, a maximum of 10 days in a row. It is important to adhere to these limits to avoid addiction to the use of aerosols.

In older people, there is no restriction in dosage, so the use of isotonic saline sprays is recommended, that is, those that contain a concentration of salt water as high as that of the body. Nevertheless, its use should be moderate.

During pregnancy, only with the approval of the doctor

During pregnancy and breastfeeding using nasal sprays is not advised, although there are exceptions, if they are endorsed by the treating physician. In these cases, the use of an isotonic saline nose spray is recommended.

Avoid nasal spray addiction

One of the main reasons for the continued use of nasal spray is the rapidity with which it acts on the nasal mucosa, allowing normal air flow. But addiction comes as fast as spray relief, that is why it is necessary to control it.

To do this, the number of daily applications should be reduced to 3 times a day, and do not exceed this volume of applications, used only if necessary.

Before using the nasal spray for the first time …

Some people must take special precautions if you are being treated for diabetes, high blood pressure or the prostate. It should also be noted that glaucoma is one of the side effects that appears in some cases due to the use of nasal sprays.

Share these medical tips for the use of nasal spray or aerosol, an increasingly used medicine. Leave your comments and opinions on this topic.

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