5 infallible tricks and remedies to get rid of dizziness immediately


The dizziness it is described as that feeling of fainting, grogginess and instability that can be temporary or go to more. There are many causes that produce dizziness, from going by boat, to a low blood pressure, to more serious problems such as suffering from an illness. Sight how to get rid of dizziness.

Mayo Clinic experts say that there is a false sense that you or the environment is spinning or moving and can even lead to vertigo.

If we have constant dizziness we must go to the doctor to examine us and give us the treatment to suit us. In addition, the remedy and treatment always depends on the cause.

Drink water and rest

If the problem is due to dehydration or heat stroke, the solution is to give water and make the person rest. Thus, dizziness can go away suddenly because it is a somewhat mild situation in the event that dehydration is for a short time.

Head positioning

From Mayo Clinic they name some of the therapies and remedies that we can apply to dizziness. For example, there is the maneuver of head positioning, a technique that alleviates benign paroxysmal positional vertigo faster than simply waiting until the vertigo passes. But it must be done by a specialist, be it a doctor or a therapist.


If dizziness comes from anxiety or stress, as it is one of the symptoms of this problem, then the root problem must be treated from psychotherapy. This is to say, applying cognitive treatments that the psychologist marks us or with medicines to treat anxiety, then we will see how the dizziness begins to decrease.

Balance therapy

They are specific exercises to make your balance system less sensitive to movement. Mayo Clinic states that it usually occurs in those with vertigo caused by disorders of the inner ear, but it can be from many other causes. Another way to get rid of dizziness.

Eat some mint

There are some best remedies so that dizziness can be reduced instantly. This is the case of the mint plant, as it reduces the feeling of dizziness, as well as possible related digestive problems, such as nausea and vomiting.


  • If we are going to get dizzy, it is important to ask for help or stretch to see if it happens to us.
  • When we have these sensations on a daily basis, something may not go well and then the ideal is to have an examination at the doctor.

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