5 home remedies for heat allergy


Heat allergy, known as vameurticaria, is a skin reaction to sudden changes in body temperature from exposure to sunlight, or other sources of heat. This condition is characterized by the appearance of rashes and redness of the skin, often accompanied by itching and burning, on the neck, cheeks, under the breasts and in other sensitive areas.

Home remedies for heat allergy

Heat allergy can usually be controlled with antihistamines and corticosteroids, although there are some home remedies that help relieve symptoms of natural form.

baking powder

The application of baking powder calms the itch. Its components regulate the pH, stop inflammation and exert a rapid calming effect.

To apply it, a tablespoon of yeast is moistened with water, spread on irritated skin and let it act for 20 minutes.


Applying ice to an area of ​​the body with a heat allergy is an ancient remedy, which quickly relieves irritation caused by exposure to any heat source.

To use it, wrap some ice cubes in a cloth and applies for 10 minutes on the affected areas.Summer

Olive oil

The fatty acids in olive oil are excellent to combat itching and relieve heat allergy.

To do this, a few drops of olive oil are applied to the affected area while performing a gentle massage, it is allowed to be absorbed by the skin and the application is repeated 2 times a day.

Aloe vera

The refreshing compounds contained in Aloe Vera leaves immediately soothe burning and itching, and reduce skin redness.

To use it, a tablespoon of aloe vera gel is applied to the area, let stand 20 minutes and then rinse with cold water. The application can be repeated up to 3 times a day.

Apple cider vinegar

The natural acids that apple cider vinegar contains regulate the natural pH of the skin and limit allergic reactions.

For its application, equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water must be mixed, placed in a spray bottle, spray the skin and let it absorb naturally. The treatment should be repeated twice a day.

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