4 ways to stay hydrated during the summer


We are in a time of maximum heat and this means that our body can suffer more than normal. To recover it is essential to know the ways of stay hydrated during the summer. It is very simple, and many times we do not do it correctly.

The elderly and children must hydrate much more, because they are much more vulnerable groups.

Avoid alcohol to avoid dehydration

The Aquae Foundation advises limiting the intake of alcoholic beverages because alcohol has a dehydrating effect. And what we want is the opposite, for this it is good to drink beer without alcohol, and reduce sangria and red wine thus adding enough ice. This can be alternated as long as the base of our hydration is water, since such drinks can never replace the water that is totally necessary to live, and more so at this time.

Children and adults should drink water

Sometimes, due to their rhythm, both adults and children forget to drink water. It is important to follow them closely so that you both get enough fluids. And this does not mean drink large amounts of juice. The best thing is water, it is clear that a natural juice also refreshes but, as we have indicated, it is essential that you drink water throughout the day.

How much water to drink?

It is not clear how much water should be drunk per day because there are experts who indicate x liters and others more or less. An average is to drink two and three liters of this liquid in summer and throughout the day. The important thing is that we do it progressively to stay hydrated every day during the summer.

Maintain a balanced diet

The Aquae Foundation gives more signs so that we are properly hydrated at this time of year. They explain that diets can vary specific water requirements and, therefore, hydration needs. However, it is important maintain a routine pattern of fluid intake throughout the day, with special attention in moments of heat and physical activity.

Well, you can also eat foods rich in water, as well as maintain a balanced diet.

Advantages of being well hydrated

  • We increase the proper functioning of our body.
  • We eliminate toxins.
  • We will have or better bear the typical heat of these months of the year.
  • The skin is also more hydrated and therefore improves its appearance.

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