38% see it somewhat hasty


An Ipsos report reveals that 1 in 5 interviewees will continue to use the mask despite not being mandatory and 38% see this end of masks outdoors something hasty.

ANDl June 26 will be modified One of the health measures of the Covid-19 that generated the most controversy from the beginning, the mandatory use of masks outdoors. So we can now walk through the streets, beaches and mountains without having to use this add-on to deal with Covid.

Ipsos has carried out a consultation among Spaniards through its What & Why community, and as conclusions it is revealed that 26% of those interviewed affirm that they do not agree with this new measure. A measure that for 38% is something hasty.

Yes, a 72% of those interviewed affirm they agree with the measure, but 19% will continue to wear it until group immunity is achieved.

In addition, 23% of them affirm that they still do not feel comfortable or safe not wearing a mask.

When will they continue to use the mask?

Regarding when to use it, 2 out of 5 declare that they will wear it depending on the influx of the space where they are and a 28% say they will always carry a mask with them in case you ever need to use it.

Those responsible for the study believe that starting on Saturday we will experience a new change of rules and that, although many want to remove the mask as soon as possible, many also have decided to continue using it or at least on certain occasions, even after the pandemic.

And the vaccinated?

Regarding the position on the possibility that those vaccinated with a complete schedule could stop using a mask in any area and that would be the end of masks abroad, only 14% would agree that those vaccinated stop using it both in open and closed spaces, while 25% would agree if it is only like that outside.

34% are inclined because the rules should be the same for everyone and that not because they have received the vaccine should they stop using the mask. Thus, 27% also consider that those vaccinated should use it anyway since there is still a probability of contagion.

This study also raises the possibility of, if once the pandemic is over, they consider that the use of the mask should be mandatory when they have cold or flu symptoms.

And 40% of those interviewed would agree with this statement. Meanwhile, almost half of those surveyed (49%) affirm that they would agree to take it, but not on a mandatory basis.

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